Mission Statement 使命聲明

Mission Statement

"Do not be afraid any longer, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom." Luke 12:32

We the faithful of the Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church, in union with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia and all Chinese Catholics throughout the world, proclaim to everyone the Good News that Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd and Redeemer of the World, who offers to all who follow Him the light of Life.

Sharing a common ethnic bond and baptized into Christ Jesus, we desire to bring His Light to all by proclaiming the Gospel through our words and actions. We are especially challenged to meet the spiritual needs of Chinese American and immigrants of Chinese ethnic descent. Holy Redeemer is a center of evangelization and worship serving the needs of the Delaware Valley Chinese community. We therefore commit ourselves to:

  • celebrate the Mass, the other Sacraments, and spiritual devotions in English and Chinese so that all Chinese may experience greater understanding, conversion and personal witness to Christ.

  • imitate the love of Jesus Christ through service to the Chinese American community, especially to immigrants.

  • form fraternal bonds with other Chinese Christians and Asian American organizations.

  • provide quality elementary school education that proclaims the Good News to our youth and their families.

  • promote spiritual, social and recreational activities for Chinese American youths that foster community service, evangelization and Christian faith.

  • act as Christian role models particularly in our community.

  • foster and promote Chinese ethnic pride within our church and school through programs that teach and preserve Chinese culture.

  • promote leadership from within the Chinese Catholic community and encourage vocations to the ordained ministry and religious life.

  • provide resources necessary to carry out our mission.

We pray to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through the intercession of Mary "Our Lady, Queen of China" and through St. Joseph and the Blessed Chinese Martyrs. May Jesus, the Good Shepherd, guide us in our earthly journey and to our heavenly home.

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  • 舉行彌撒和其他聖事,提供英文和中文的信仰敬禮以便利所有的中國人都能瞭解、皈依、及為基督作見證。

  • 仿效耶穌基督的愛,為華人社區 --- 特別是給移民們提供服務。

  • 與其他的華人基督徒團體、亞裔社團聯誼交流。

  • 提供良好的小學和優質的宗教課程、將福音傳給下一代和他們的家庭。

  • 促進華裔青年的信仰、社交、和休閒活動。幫助他們為社區服務、傳播福音,和培育他們的信仰。

  • 特別是在我們的社區內做個模範的基督徒。

  • 在教堂和學校內有計劃地教導和保存中華文化,以培育和促進民族自尊。

  • 在華人教友團體中培訓領導能力,並鼓勵聖召。

  • 為我們推展的使命提供所需要的資源。


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